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Helping friends split bills

Splitr is an app that breaks down a restaurant bill to help friends figure out exactly who owes what in a few easy steps.

To view the prototype, please visit http://marvl.in/69e26a

DateApril 2014 ForPersonal
ProgressCurrently in development, expected release 2015
Splitting a bill is difficult, awkward, and daunting, especially when a large party is involved. So how can design help simplify this process so it’s no longer a headache? People hate having to do extensive math to figure out exactly who owes how much. They were frustrated by how long the process takes and it was most often their least favorite part of eating out with their friends. There are three types of users- The Payer, the Correction Officer, and the Nonchalant friend. The Payer is the friend who will cover the whole bill first and have her friends pay her back later. The Correction Officer is the friend that will recheck the receipt to ensure it was divided up fairly. He wants to make sure he doesn’t pay a cent more than he has to. The Nonchalant is the friend who is willing to pay whatever as long as it is done quickly. He’s got money and isn’t afraid to spend it. Splitr accommodates all types of users by helping friends split any type of bill fairly in a few easy steps. Here’s a scenario flow that shows how the app is used with a simple storyline. It demonstrates all three simple flows that a user can take: splitting an item among multiple people, splitting an item among one person, and splitting the rest of the bill evenly.