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A touch table system designed for BNY Mellon

Presentable is a touch table system designed to increase trust between business partners through more effective information sharing during presentations. It changes the structure of meetings by helping sales representatives run smoother presentations, and enabling clients to get unprecedented insight into their assets.

ForBNY Mellon Sponsored Project RoleUser Research, Visual Interface Design, Video Editor
DateDecember 2013, 16 weeks Team MembersLiana Kong, Pavel Samsonov
PresenTable is a new way to present information to clients in a more friendly, conversation-like environment. The touch table setup is designed to make data tangible for clients, allowing them to immerse themselves in the presentation. The salespeople control the flow of the presentation with a tablet-based interface while the clients are gathered around an interactive table.
While analysts and executives put a lot of effort into developing products and strategies for BNY Mellon, salespeople have the responsibility to communicate all of that work to clients in an understandable and compelling manner. When meeting with clients, salespeople represent BNY Mellon, and have its wealth of knowledge behind them. Learning what information they needed to do their job effectively was crucial as it allowed us to design a system which readily accepts such data from analysts and delivers it to salespeople in an efficient and accessible way. It also informed the flow of the system and the hierarchy of data within that system. Slideshows are ultimately limited, not taking advantage of the vast library of expertise and data that BNY Mellon possesses. They are unilateral, setting up an unequal power dynamic and creating an environment unaccommodating to conversations. They are also linear, so the presenter has little choice about how the presentation progresses.

How can this experience be altered so both BNY Mellon and the client are constantly engaged in a conversation?
Introducing Presentable.

Presentable uses a smart table to display presentations, with clients seated around it. Clients can drag information cards from the presentation slides towards themselves to make a copy, and can view related information with simple touch commands.
The presenter controls Presentable through a tablet interface, allowing her to dynamically serve new slides while keeping an eye on the clients' personal stacks. When caught off guard by a client’s question, the presenter can use Discovery Mode to dynamically pull slides and talking points out of BNY Mellon’s databases. The standard mode has a timeline of the presentation with talking points for the presenter. It also displays the personal stack of clients for the presenter to see what they are interested in.

The discovery mode is when the presentation goes off script and a client has a question or concern; the presenter can easily answer unexpected questions by pulling up related context from an easy database lookup.
This solution would enable more flexible and engaging meetings, set up like a chat around a dinner table instead of a lecture. Each client also has a personal digital workspace within the table that they can pull up context from currently displayed data. They can drill down or zoom out, pass to other clients, take notes/annotate and field questions or export to an external tablet at the end of the meeting.