leyli guliyeva — communication + experience design

Frye Digital Creative Redesign

I worked in a team at SapientNitro to help redesign Frye’s e-commerce experience. The goal of the redesign was to improve and expand the Frye story to help amplify its differentiation, extend the brand’s reach and recognition and drive increased traffic and incremental sales with a fully functional responsive website.

I created wireframes and flows to improve the current site flow and produced a unique and brand centric user experience.

My role included:
• Complete competitive analysis
• Collate customer research
• Concept enhanced e-shopping experiences
• Iterate additional concepts of navigation model and key pages
• Create a new site map
• Create annotated wireframes for full site, including additional page templates
• Collaborate with visual designers and developers to ensure high quality of experience and user interaction

ForFrye Boot Company DateLaunched August 28
RoleResearch, Experience Design LocationNew York
The existing Frye Boot website was facing a lot of issues- product descriptions were out of date, site design was not aligned with the Frye brand, and a high number of 404 pages. Frye is a brand proud of its heritage, attention to detail and the high quality of its products. However, the existing content types do not support this relevant and rich experience throughout the site. There is a unique opportunity to encourage users to come back to the site with compelling and fresh content around craftsmanship and quality. As one of the two UX designers on the project, I was responsible for Home Page, Content pages, Product Listing page, Product Detail Page, Favorites Page and a few other miscellaneous pages. Homepage

The homepage was designed to answer the following: What is Frye all about? Do they have what I’m looking for? What’s popular? What’s new?

We designed the page for users to dive in directly into products., whether it be by specific gender or age or by finding the right boots with a differentiating feature. Frye’s most prominent collections were featured to allow consumers to know more about what makes each special and unique. Social media integration will allow consumers to more easily connect with the brand.
Product Listing Page – Grid View

The PLP page was designed to answer the following: What’s relevant to me? Do they have the specific boot I’m looking for? Have I seen all boots for all the specifics I’m looking for? What’s my “shortlist” of products?

We were challenged to think about incorporating a “Boot Finder” into the website to help new consumers find their perfect first pair. While we explored the option of a separate process of making feature selections, we asked “why can’t this exist within the product listing page?”. While iterating and conceptualizing on ideas, the final concept revolves around a ‘visual filter’ that enables to user to more clearly and successfully narrow down their choices.

Each selected filter also created a tag on top of the list that can easily be removed and cleared.
Product Listing Page – Explore View

Fyre takes great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of it’s products. We asked how can such delicate handwork be communicated to the consumer from the listing page right away? How can the consumer ‘smell the leather’ right out of the page?

The concept of “Explore View” answers this quest by showing larger, more detailed images of the filtered list of shoes for the consumer to easily find the perfect pair. This is an alternate take on “quickview” many e-commerce websites contain today. Each pair can be easily added to bag without entering the detail page and breaking the experience.
Product Detail Page

Product Detail Page features a right hand sticky selection module, with scrollable large detailed images to its left. Description and features of each product are engraved within the images for a more cohesive story. Links to the Collection and Leather page, along with Reviews follow the detail shots of the shoe.

This page was designed to answer the following: Will the shoe fit me? How versatile is it? Is it worth it?
Favorites Page

The average consumer from Frye will buy 1-2 pairs of shoes on a single visit to the website. Purchasing a pair of Fryes is a considered an investment for many consumers. It is likely that they will collect various different shoes and boots to compare before making a final decision on which they’d like to ultimately purchase.

The Favorites page contains enlarged product images to allow for easy comparison between different products. Each product tile contains large color selections for user to easily shift between the different options. User has ability drag to arrange the product around to compare certain products side by side and remove their least favorite pairs by clicking the ‘x’. Product information and size/color selection are not exposed as the user has likely learned this information from PDP and they are simply favoriting to compare their most liked pairs.