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6th Extinction

Captive Asian Elephants

A short motion piece that delights and entertains viewers about Captive Asian Elephants and informs them of their growing endangerment. With simple storyline and a positive message, the video hopes to connect with viewers and as a result, get them to follow up with the call of action to save these creatures.

ForTypography III, 4 weeks DateDecember 2012

Asian Elephants are significant and sacred part of Asian culture; they have been worshipped for centuries and are still used today in ceremonial and religious purposes. They are the largest terrestrial mammals in Asia and are an integral part of the habitat. However, there are growing threats to this beautiful species.

Captive Asian elephant population is declining due to improper care which leads to them to refuse to mate. As a result, more elephants are being captured from the wild, thus affecting both populations drastically.

The video highlights the biggest problems elephants are facing such as depression, stress, etc to help viewers better connect and emphasize with these elephants.

To capture the attention of viewers who may dismiss the video as another sad animal informercial, I hoped to create a piece that engaged viewers and instilled a more positive look on the future of the elephants with lovable illustrations, common language and upbeat music.

Given the topic of mating, light humor was added to create a positive experience, hoping to make it an easier subject to talk about.