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STEAM: Join the Movement

Celebrating and Educating Arts in Education

STEAM is an initiative to reintroduce the arts to STEM for a more holistic education. The designed system modernizes and aims to revamp arts education to present it as an essential learning tool to educators, parents, board members and students. The visuals include two promotional posters, an informational poster, and an event booklet.

RoleResearch, Sketching, Visual Design TeammateJean Kwon
DateDecember 2012, 4 weeks ForTypography III

Arts education is essential for nurturing creative and abstract thinking. However, there is a lack of importance placed on art programs in school today as they are first to be eliminated when districts face budget cuts. With this visual system, our main goal became to revamp the way the arts education was viewed. We wanted to change the perspective of those who viewed art as simply an activity and introduce it as an essential part of formal education.

This concept involves a theme of contrasting the old and the new, highlighting individuals in history who have had great impact by practicing within arts. By using their photos against a more modern color palette and composition, we aimed to create a dynamic visual system that was compelling and bold, convincing of a bright future ahead. We wanted our viewers to believe the STEAM initiative was the next big thing for education.

Promotional Poster 2

Event Booklet

“Steam Day, May 23, 2013, marks the start of a movement, a movement reuniting the arts with science, technology, engineering and mathematics to enrich the learning experience; a movement that allows us to adopt a more abstract and visionary perspective; a movement that will encourage us to put on our creative glasses and see endless possibilities in front of us; a movement that will provide our students with the inventive mind needed help shape a more prosperous future.”

By placing bold relevant quotes within the booklet, we hoped to inspire and push viewers to take action for the initiative.

Initial Iterations