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Streamlining the hiring process

Hired is an application that combines the functionality of various applications to streamline the process of managing & scheduling potential candidates

ForPersonal DateJanuary 2015
The interview process is tough. There’s a lot of back and forth between candidates and recruiters. The number of steps and keeping track of it can get tiresome for both parties. I wanted to know if a system can streamline this process so its more enjoyable and easy for everyone involved. To better understand the problem, I interviewed recruiters and recent candidates about their interview experiences. This gave me insight on which pain points were the most important to address for the design exercise. I began my process my mapping out the problem space. Who is involved? What are their goals, needs, responsibilities? How long does the process take? How and when do interviewers, recruiters, and candidates interact?
I display the interactions by mapping out a timeline. The green represents recruiter, blue is candidate and brown is interviewers.
What is the exchange of information between the parties? After much exploration, I created personas and outlined their goals, responsibilities, and needs to better understand my users. After much exploration, the final goals of the new software became clear:
- manage resume, job position and contact info all in one place
- consolidate all communications
- organize interview schedules
- keep track of all progress
- quickly evaluate and approve

Rough Sketches

Sketches translated to Wireframes

Hired is an application that combines the functionality of various applications to streamline the process of managing & scheduling potential candidates. Scenario:
Jenny is a recruiter at Company X, who is in charge of hiring 3 Project Managers. Her dashboard tells her who she needs to schedule for what interview, along with any news like who e-mailed, rescheduled, or completed her scheduling requests.
She can view her color coded calendar and see what is ahead for the day. Jenny clicks on jobs to see what positions are available for recruiting, and what she is responsible for. She enters into Project Manager position and can see that there are new applications that have been reviewed. Jenny views Frances' profile and her resume. She sees that Frances can be a great fit for the role so clicks on “Interested!” to send an automatic Interest e-mail to her. Hired automatically creates a candidate profile for Frances. Jenny receives an e-mail from Frances letting her know she is interested in learning more about the role, so Jenny sends her availability to Frances with a simple function. Frances receives Jenny’s schedule in an e-mail and has the liberty to choose which time is perfect for her for an initial phone screen. When she selects a day and time, it is automatically added to Jenny’s calendar. The day of, Jenny receives a notification letting her know her phone screen with Frances is in 10 minutes. She can choose to view her profile to prepare for the call. Within her profile, Jenny can view Frances' progress with the most recent starting from the top. She fills out the phone screen form for Frances, and sees that Frances can be a great fit for the role. She sends a quick e-mail letting Frances know she will schedule her for a In-Person interview soon. Jenny accesses the scheduling assistant to help her find the perfect day for Frances to come in. She adds the interviewers names, and Hired automatically shows her the days and times that every interviewer is available to interview Frances. To make sure nothing has changed, Jenny confirms the selected days with them. The next day, Jenny receives confirmation on what days work and what days don’t for her interviewers. She goes ahead and sends this schedule to Frances to pick. Frances receives the schedule, and selects Monday to interview as she would like to interview as soon as possible. This is automatically added to the calendars of all parties involved.